Who we are

RyKen Systems Inc. was created in July 2018 and now provides dedicated support services and system upgrades to all the sawmill industry customers previously with Softac Systems Ltd.

RyKen Systems has more than 100 sorters and optimizers running in Canada, United States, Japan and Chile. Many of our customers have been with us for more than 20 years. Installing and maintaining these systems has created a knowledge base at RyKen Systems that current and new customers can draw on. We provide 24/7 hour support to ensure our customers can keep their production running at all times.

What We Do

We provide custom control systems and software for sawmill optimizers and sorters.
We work with established manufacturers of sawmill mechanical equipment, scanner heads, sensors and consoles to provide reliable and easy to use sawmill systems.
We work with our customers on site to ensure that their systems perform as expected.
All sorter and optimizer software / PLC control is written by RyKen employees.
Provide ongoing technical support for our software, PLC control and associated desktop computers

Contact Us

Office: Burnaby, BC

Mailing address
9046 Altair Place, Burnaby, B.C. V3J1A7, Canada